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Real-Time Fleet Management GPS Tracking Systems

Technology Overview

Real-Time Fleet Management GPS Tracking SystemsThe UTS system is one of the only real-time fleet management gps tracking systems on the market.

Our SignalServer platform is the middleware layer that provides applications with location-based information from remote devices. The platform can be used to connect new or existing applications to mobile data being generated in the field. 

Monitor and Provide Account Information for your Customers

  • Service tokens are used to track the usage of anyone working with the GPS fleet management system.
  • The platform can therefore effectively act as a billing system for your application.

Store Customer Information Directly on the Server (Access from the Internet!)

  • Store points of interest & facilitate address management
  • Retrieve from any connected computer (the records are stored on the server and not on an individual machine).

The Device Gateways act as a universal translator for devices into our system. New gateways for new hardware can be made upon request. The Application/Location Logic contains all logic necessary for LBS.

Get GPS Fleet Tracking Alerts Anywhere!

Interact with the gps fleet tracking system through the web, mobile phones, and telephones. Get GPS fleet tracking alerts via standard telephone, or receive mobile alerts via email or SMS directly to your cell phone. Access the full application through a regular web browser (requires FlashPlayer 7.0+ plug-in).

get gps fleet tracking alerts anywhere

"Users" - GPS Fleet Tracking Chart Explained (above):

"Devices" - These represent the GPS fleet tracking devices installed in your vehicles & assets, or carried by your people.

"Application"- This sits on the client-side, interacting directly with the user, and offers a wide selection of gps fleet tracking management features.

"Database"Hosted in a secure location, our database retains historical location data for 3 months. We implement regularly-schedule backups to ensure data retention.

"Map Engine" - The mapping server provides the actual map imaging data, as well as geocoding and routing data. Geocoding is the process of assigning coordinates to street addresses. Similarly, reverse-geocoding is the opposite, finding an address based on latitude and longitude coordinates. Routing data is used in conjunction with the route finder to find directions and traffic information.

"Voice Engine" - Coming soon, this feature is powered by Ubiquity Software, and will provide on-demand conference calling, as well as text-to speech capabilities.

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