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GPS Technology: The Dispatch Perspective

Why GPS?

GPS, or Global Positioning Systems, seems to be a savior for fleet based businesses and government municipalities. The majority of GPS systems provide route finding, vehicle maintenance management, fuel consumption tracking, theft recovery and ability to track hours and overtime, just to name a few.

Think “Out of the Box” - The GPS Process

  1. The locator device, or "black box," located inside the vehicle or asset receives signals from GPS satellites to determine its current location.
  2. The mapping software (system) displays your asset’s location on your computer screen.
  3. The black box then acts as a wireless modem to transmit these inputs through land-based cellular networks and the information is then processed in an operations center.
  4. The details are passed on to you via the Internet, mobile phones, or telephones.

Industries Fueled by GPS

GPS is used for many industries that rely on cars, trucks, or vans to get their employees, drivers or equipment to their final destination. This includes distribution and trucking, HVAC, field service, government, automotive, electrical contractors, plumbing companies, food service, landscaping, limousine and bus, roofing companies and courier services.

Features & Benefits

One of the major benefits is the ability to determine the exact location of a fleet vehicle. This can increase customer satisfaction since they don’t have to wait and wonder when the driver or equipment will arrive - especially when it comes to fixed assets such as a backhoe, fuel, A/C unit or other critical equipment which needs to arrive at a specific jobsite on-time.

GPS systems include detailed route information with complete turn-by-turn directions and traffic information, the distance and duration of each route segment, and a map showing the routes. And the calculated route can immediately be sent to individuals in the field, right to their mobile devices. Some of the benefits pertaining to dispatch and logistics include:

  1. Increase response time to new and emergency service calls
  2. Validate time spent on the jobsite for both customers and employees
  3. Lower insurance costs fleet wide
  4. Optimize scheduling
  5. Service performance metrics
  6. View a detailed history of all deliveries

Dispatch & Logistics Savings

The average operating cost per vehicle is about $1.50 per mile for fuel and maintenance. A company can reduce at least 25 miles per week for each vehicle with a small fleet vehicle tracking device between vehicle expenses, fuel and maintenance…some companies see a monthly savings of $637.50.

UTS is an enterprise solutions based provider of telemetry and GPS fleet tracking systems and we are dedicated to serving the needs to fleet managers and company owners across the country. Our comprehensive GPS fleet tracking management software is designed to easily assist fleet managers in their day to day activities. The business focuses on the ever profitable mid-level fleet tracking space in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

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